Lynne Koplitz

Sue talks with Lynne Koplitz about stand up, “The Dirty Sexy Funny Tour” with Jenny McCarthy and “Joan Knows Best” with Joan Rivers.

Solo with Sue

Costello Solo.png

Sue Z Kadoozie talks about the process of writing the end of “I Wasn’t Trying To Be Funny”.

Erin Flynn

Sue talks with one of her BFFs Erin Flynn aka “Flynnie” about growing up in Dorchester and loving and losing someone you love.

Rob Stapleton

Sue talks with Rob Stapleton about all things comedy.

Jaleel Bunton

Sue talks with Jaleel Bunton about music, comedy, and TV On The Radio.

Jason Gardner

Sue talks with Jason Gardner aka Jason Escape about street performing and getting out of tight spots.

Mariann from Brooklyn

Sue talks with Mariann from Brooklyn about her rise to fame on The Howard Stern Show.

Patrick M. Dunn

Sue chats with Patrick M. Dunn on the first ever Kadoozie Kast done through Skype and they talk about getting things done.

Kathryn Gardner

Sue talks with Kathryn Gardner about hair. How to cut it, color it and fix it.

Georgia Samford

Sue talks with Georgia Samford about club dancing, horseback riding and the possibilities for choreography for #IWTTBF .