#IamSueCostelo Corporate Sponsorship packages are flexible and Open to businesses of all sizes,  allowing you to choose which level is good for your business goals, while having access to unique options to engage in promotion. You will gain access to the Play’s unique opportunities for logo exposure, client entertainment, and audience engagement.  We also offer individual sponsorship packages that can be tailored to your budget.  You can also DONATE at any time by pressing the donate button. 

I began writing this play in 1998 after my sitcom “Costello” got canceled. I was one of the only and youngest, women to have done what I had done at the time. I got myself on a major network while speaking about love over greed the show got canceled but I kept going. I  faced with cheerful resilience, my lowest point – with everything stripped away after my early success until I found myself with nowhere to go and no where to live, a humiliation, in some eyes but never in mine, I saw this as an opportunity to create some art that might help the world -– and then, step by step, as I rebuilt my career, and myself on a solid foundation of integrity and truth telling. That cheerful resilience is now infusing every step I take as I prepare to unleash my play  “#IamSueCostello” on the world. By investing in me, you will be investing in you. I am showing the world that you can have personal success for the good of all and I can't do it alone. They told me I was ahead of my time, well it’s my time and it’s everyone’s time.

With your  “#IamSueCostello” sponsorship your inclusion will further your business and when you align your business with this play, you will be recognized as one of the sponsors, that could turn into one of the countries collective revolutions. 

For more info, please email me sue@suecostello.com