If they say cleanliness is next to Godliness, then creativity is next to spirituality. I needed to destroy the false "me" that I created to survive humanity and give rebirth to the "me" that was born from the spirit.

The deeper my internal life, the bigger my external life.

The more feelings that I can tolerate, the nicer my life becomes.

It makes sense that the planet has run amok.

How arrogant is it to hate the beauty that was created?

It's that human hatred that takes us off the path. If we hate ourselves and our bodies, that will manifest outwardly. If we love ourselves, love will manifest in our home, our bodies and on our planet.

Humility is greatness.

It starts with the internal life of all individuals, who are connected.

Think about it -- art connects people because it touches something inside them.

So we all have to destroy this false self and find the true spirit.

We are all the same inside. It's how we express that commonality that makes us authentic.

And then, that commonality is what connects us.

It's not until we pull in, that we can pulsate out.

Stars do it, people do it, everything does it, because we are all the same and there is a natural rhythm to life: a heart pump β€” pumped by breath, if you will.

Kids are pure but we adults hate that purity because this false world has created rules that have nothing to do with spirit. Rules that are never achievable.

Because the only rule is love, the beauty of the spirit, and it’s always here. The human makes things ugly if not treated with the respect it deserves. Respect in the frailty of what it means to be so small yet so big at the same time.

Kids remind us that we had it and let it go.

Why do I feel so good when I'm connected and so bad when I'm not?

When we are isolated we are sucking from the grid and feel depleted -- when we show up and are engaged we are giving and receiving the source. Kind of like the blood going in and out of the heart, or the breath going in and out of the lungs.

It seems so simple but so complicated.

Because it's humbling to see how simple we really are.