EPISODE 11 The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

This is a raw uncut episode with no intro music. Sue wanted it to be RAW. She wanted to give the people what they want. To be a living example of what she delivers through her art. Sue is Sue everywhere she does. She wants to lead by example. To reveal herself with no expectations. It is in the expression - not the results that the freedom can be found. #IamSueCostello is an experience in every sense of the word because Sue lives what she says. Others are free to feel it if they like and even if they don't like that's A O K. 


Doing another one in June. Listen to this and see how much I have stuck to word. 


Paht two of Sue's talk about how to meld Aht and commerce. She also shouts out her love the #veterans of #America and lastly, how she sold her soul for a steak in Hollywood. 

Episode 9 Hahhhhhnessing my Male and Female Energy

In the episode Sue talks about harnessing her male and female energy. How we compare our insides with other people's outsides. How FOMO and Social media is killing us.  How we can connect with our imperfections instead of the pain of pretending that we don't have them. How Killing the male ego will help us all. 

Episode 8 Gendah

In the episode Sue talks about gender roles and the power of managing both masculine and feminine energies energies. She also poses the question "Do people really want to be free or do they want to be bossed around?" and what happens when you give someone something pure? Do they trust it if they are not pure? Or, does it need to be twisted?" Thus bringing her back to the question of "Do people really want to be free or do they want to control the control?" 

No FFFFaaahhhhhkin way, Man.

In this episode, sue talks about her understanding of the psychology behind #sexism and #Maleenergy and black and white thinking. How the balance of power is perverted and that's why the abuse occurs.  Sue poses a few questions -1. Why is the 1% winning there are 99% of us. 2. Will people be honest and pay what they can for the podcast? Or do people only respect something that you make them pay for?

No One is Coming

In this episode Sue talks about personal success for the good of all and her 50/50/10 proposition  as a way of being human, and doing business simultaneously and then giving back. She talks about being present instead of projecting our fears as a way to calm ourselves. And lastly, how we must fully accept ourselves and take full responsibility for who we are and what we want to create. No one is coming to save us.


#IamSueCostello Ep4 Don't Pee on my head and tell me it's raining.

In this episode Sue talks about how how she keeps melting her icy heart so it can lead her to expansion no matter what the outside world does, because she needs people and does not want to be isolated.  And how when she Stands up for herself she is standing up to the lies that people tell  themselves so it's not always personal, which leads her to realize she was living her life through other peoples projections of their own regrets.  Sue makes tragedy plus time equal comedy after dealing with some false prophets for profit. She says what she means, means what she says and doesn't say it mean. 



Episode #2 CAHLM DOWN (pt.1)

Episode 1 The Birth Of The Re Birth

Episode 1 The Birth Of The Re Birth



November 24, 2017-----PAY WHAT YOU CAN!!!!!!!!! 


 #IamSueCostello is a a half hour Pay What You Can- podcast that was inspired by Sue Costello’s appearance on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, an episode that continues to resonate with listeners worldwide. In the spirit of creating an intimate, honest discussion, Sue has created a day-in-the-life podcast where she shares her unique point of view about current events and how to affect global change by changing herself and sharing that journey. No hate, no blame, only candid conversation about the human experience and the empathy necessary to transform darkness into light. A podcast for the everyman and everywoman, #IamSueCostello will make you laugh, cry and contemplate the world in a whole new way. Here is Episode

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