Who's with me 2

Let's come together and save the Bullies from themselves. They hate themselves - they would not act the way they do. Little babies in grown bodies. Let's be the collective Mommy and tell them to STOP IT. It's really the most loving thing to do for everyone. #whoswithme


Dear Doctors, lawyers and The Press.

The Hippocratic Oath is an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians. It is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. In its original form, it requires a new physician to swear, by a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards. These include the principles of medical confidentiality and non-maleficence.

1. You are entitled to be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times by your lawyer and the other lawyers and nonlawyer personnel in your lawyer’s office. For the rest click here-(link: http://www.nysba.org/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=93971) nysba.org/WorkArea/Downl…

A free press plays a vital role in democratic societies, enabling the open exchange of information and opinions among ordinary citizens, businesses, citizen associations, political parties, and governments. "The backbone of any democracy is an independent, professional and responsible media." How can this be when they have lost their own backbones and are driven purely by money and self interest?