Well I can't figure out how to get onto the full blog so I have to do it on this.seize the day baby!! I am having such a beautiful weekend. I needed it. A few months ago I reconnected with woman that made a HUGE difference in who I have becomeas a person. Many years ago I went through a terrible break up and I was so angry that I wanted to tell everyone and she told told me not to. She said that I needed to act like a woman of dignity and honor. It was the first time anyone had taught me that it I would be doing my self an injustice if I acted in a way that be littled myself. A few weeks ago she invited me to come see her on the cape. I have spent the last two days on Cape Cod with her and her Awesome husband. We watched the sunset and had scallops in Provindence Town last night. Today we went to the pool and then golfed. I hadn't golfed in 15 years and it all came back to me. I hit it straight and long. I asked her if she was surpirsed and she said "no I saw you stand on your head this morning!" Tommorw off to the vinyard for two days why? Because I was invited and I am all about showing up and living out loud today!