Ok now I'm back and in full on work mode. Thank God for that break, my eye was beginning to twitch. That used to happen all the time when I had my T.V show. There is so much going on in my life and I needed to relax. I NEVER used to be able to. I can see now how important it is. To rejuvenate.

I spent two days on the cape with my friends at their house on the golf course.

I got there Thurs. I took a train to a cab to a bus and my friend picked me up. It was exhilarating to get myself from NYC to cape cod and then to Martha's Vineyard and back again.

I found being able to travel like that almost as rewarding as the actual vacation.

Thurs evening we went to watch the sunset on the beach. My friend and I walked out onto the sandbar. We were so deep into conversation and watching the sunset that the water rose around us and we almost had to swim back in fully dressed!

Later we drove to Providence town for scallops. I LOVE scallops, and they were delicious.

The next day I wrote for a while, went for a run around the grounds, then we went to the pool.

Early evening we golfed. I hadn't golfed in like 10 years. My friend was shocked at how good I was. I used to golf with my old boyfriend and I could always hit it straight and long.  I was soooo nervous at first, but as soon as  I got up to the tee, it came right back to me.  I think it's even better now because of all the yoga. Everything is better because of the yoga btw.

Then we had a bbq STEAK and potatoes, another one of my favs. Then off for ice cream and the beach.

The next morning they drove me to the boat. I got to Martha's Vineyard 5 hours before my friends were getting there. I planned this. I needed a Sue day.

I got there around 11am. The boat ride was exquisite. I got a sandwich and went to the beach. After a few hours I decided to walk into town. As I'm walking I hear "Sue Costello!" It's Katie McIntyre, joey mac from NKOTB sister. I went to high school with her. She had heard about the movie and was so excited for me. A few minutes later her sister Tricia called to wish me well too.

Then I went back this big lawn and did a little yoga and read. Next thing I knew my friends were there. I went to the house which was amazing! It was on a hill with a porch with a view of the pond and the marina, with acres and acres of grass.

We went and picked up their other friends from NYC and had cheese and fruit on the porch then off to Vineyard Haven. we got coffee and did a little shopping. We went into one store that had a whole display of every product you could imagine. I told my friend Ashley that I was going to test all of them. And I did we laughed so hard.

Then back to the house for a shower and dinner. The house next to theirs had a shower outside. I was going to ask if i could use it. I LOVE outdoor showers maybe  even more than I love scallops. I decided against it.

We cooked dinner then watched the fire works from the porch. I slept with the windows open.

Sunday we woke up had breakfast and went to the beach. When we were leaving on of the guys was supposed to meet us at the entrance to the beach so I didn't put my pants because my bathing suit was wet.

Well needless to say, he was not there when we got there so I was on the side of the road with my t shirt, no top underneath and my bikini bottoms. My friend here in NYC thinks it's the funniest thing that I wear a t shirt and no pants. She has nicknamed me the pant less wonder.

Anyway he finally showed up and we went back to the house for a private yoga session on the porch. AWESOMENESS!!! Then it was back to the boat for me.

The boat ride was gorgeous, and my friends husband picked me up at the boat. We got Thai food and turned in early.

He drove me to South Station the next morning. Not without a cup of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee.

The pant less wonder flew by the seat of her pants and had the time of her life!