I try every day to be understanding and compassionate, but sometimes I reach a limit and today is that day! I am beside myself with the level of unacceptable behavior that I have been exposed to lately.

Over the past couple of years, I have been under tremendous stress. I lost my home, my therapist was abusing me, and I put up my show during the stock market crash last fall and lost more money.

That being said, I have not treated anyone poorly because of that. I took all of these situations as an opportunity to grow and to see if I can rise to the occasion.

I did just that and continue to. All my life people have said to me, "Sue we're not all like you."

That's a cop out. I used to think, Sue don't think you are better than, have compassion.

I have plenty of compassion, but up until now it has been at the expense of myself.

I do not think I am better than anyone, but I do think that there is a better way to live in the world.

It is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE to treat someone like shit because you cannot handle your emotions.

Yes we are human, but that is not an excuse. If you make a mistake, apologize. Care enough about yourself not to treat others like shit because the truth is, you just get shit back when you do it.

The other night, the guy that runs the theater that I had been doing my show Minus 32 Million Words at freaked out on me because evidently he was having girlfriend problems.

I was an easy target because I was doing my show in 40 minutes.

He pulled the show and all the people that came to see me had to be turned away.

STUPID. He lost money himself and everyone there saw what happened. Also my friend who is a Tony nominated actress told me that he bullied a big guy from a play of hers in the past.

I can tell him why he's having problems with his girlfriend.

He's a big dumb bully.

I don't like to name call, but jeez.

If you hate your life and don't have the courage to change it, then stay home. It's not OK to take it out on the world.

Because he was having a bad day, I am left to pick up and find a new place to do my show.

He wants to sabotage his life — so be it, but leave me out of it.

This has happened many times in my life and I will move on and I will look at this and a gift that the stakes weren't higher.

But in the meantime, I'm pissed off. People need to pull their shit together.

The world is falling apart because people think that it's ok to dump into each other.

Well it 's not. I don't care if you have pain from your past if the only thing you choose to do with it is hurt others with it.

If you care to take a look at it and feel some of it yourself — which is what should happen, since it is YOUR pain — then I have all the compassion in the world.

But if not, save it. You left something on my doorstep — take it back.