I’m making a citizen’s arrest on PEOPLE OPERATING ON A LOW LEVEL. Seriously, it bores me. It used to scare me but now yawn, yawn and yawn.

However, if those people should ever choose to take a few minutes to have a few uncomfortable feelings, in order to TRY to not be so ugly, I would care, a little.

Notice I said TRY.

That's all you really have to do to begin the changing process.

I know you are not happy in that skin of yours.

So, rather than spreading all that unhappiness all over everyone else, try to hold on to it.

It can take practice, like hold it for one minute, then the next day two, and so on.

Hold on to it until you are strong enough to realize how unhappy you are and that the truth is that the only way out is through.

Only you can dig yourself out of your own hell.

Think about it: if you spread your misery you're just making more misery and you'll never be happy :)