I had an AWESOME 4th if July!!!! Wow, Its funny, it didn't look my usual holiday weekends which i always thought were awesome. I usually spend the 4th on Nantucket but this year i chose to say put and finish my show.  It's really cool if you just stay still how much you can get accomplished. Fri morning I played tennis with a guy who's been playing for years and i used to play but haven't for a while. We had so much fun!! He taught me so much and by the end of our two and half hours i was pretty good. I did notice that there were a other woman on the courts playing with their significant others and they were a bit bossy to the boys. Ladies be more gentle on the guys please:)  Then, as we were walking down Madison Ave to brunch it began to rain so i balanced my racquet on my head and this grumpy looking guy was walking towards us and soon as he saw me, he smiled.  Then, as we were eating the guy says to me "Sue i don,t usually play with beginners but that was the most fun I've had in a long time. You're joy is contagious." It made me so happy because i used to be one of those girls who was so afraid and angry that i wouldn't have even been able to show up and in the off chance i did, he would not be telling me that my "joy" was contagious.  I realized I'm a total athlete, yoga every day is not enough i want to play golf next. I used to play with my old boyfriend and his mother but it wasn't the most fun, need i say more.  So, then i come home write some more and then watch the fireworks on my friends roof. I had to go downstairs to use the bathroom and when i got on the elevator there was a little old lady with an Irish accent and a rain coat. I asked her where she was going and she said she has lived in the building for 36 years and usually she and her husband watch the fireworks from their bedroom but since they moved the barges she needs to go to the roof but there was no hand rail so she wouldn't have been able to get back down. I asked her if and arm would help and she said a good arm would've been great but she declined. Sat i went to yoga, wrote all day and then went to dinner with some friends. And low and behold who was there? Elaine Stritch!!!!!!! Imagine my luck!! I mentioned that I was working on a project that i had been working on for ten years and she said "whatever it is it's going to be huge because as i listen to you talk i am thinking you are like a character from literature who said wait a God damn minute i"m not going to take this negative shit anymore!" My friend Tara knows that the project is my show and it's about exactly what Elaine just described and when i looked over at her she had tears in her eyes.  Then Elaine says you are every lovable and i want to be there opening night.  Sunday morning i get up by 9:00am to watch the men's finals at Wimbledon. And watch I did!!! Fed is my boyfriend!!!!! He is so gracious. Nedal, he pulled it off ,but to lose with such dignity that is the true sign of a winner. I wrote in between and when it was over i cried. Then off to yoga. When I came out of yoga i got a text from my friend Rachel Dratch . She was doing Improv at UCb. I went to the show and she and Amy Pohler are amazing!! I have so much respect for these hilarious, smart women. Rachel tells me Amy wants to see me so i go backstage andshe says "Sue we want you to host!! Oh and another little "show up" story concerning my show. About ten years ago I did a movie with Laurence Fishburne and when i was done he said "Costello don't ever quit, they just don'tget you yet." I walked away feeling complimented but frustrated. I thought whoopiding dong what do I do with that? And once the frustration passed i sat down and began to write my show. So, a couple of weekends ago i go see Thurgood on Broadway.  Before the show started my friend said "Go to the manger and tell her you need to see Laurence afterward. My body was so hot with shame. I was scared he would'nt remember me. But i walked through it and up to the mean lady manager. I said I'd like to say hi to Laurence after the show. She's like " wait outside the side door when it's over and i'll ask him. Well the big bully Italian guys let me in and up I went. As soon as he saw me he hugged me so tight. I said "Laurence if noone has ever told you that you changed their life you changed mine." And he cried. We sat for a while and then he gave his number and told me to call so he can come to the show.  So on Aug 2nd I will be doing my show,  and Aug 3rd I will be hosting UCB. The moral of the story, It's all there for the taking you just have to take the arm when it's offered you'll be amazed at where it leads you.