This one is going to be short, because I'm on a roll writing the end of my show, but I had to write a little blurb about this.The other night I was getting my nails done and homeless lady with a mustache and a beard came in and told the girl at the desk that she wanted the works. Mani, pedi, facial and massage. She parked her shopping and took a seat. She took a look at the brochure and the prices and decided against it. When the woman left, the manager sprayed Lysol all over the place. I had so many feelings, I think the manager thought she could Lysol them away. Well needless to say it didn't work, at least for me. I really had to sit there and see what I was feeling. Of course someone that dirty can make us uncomfortable, but she is still a person. I haven't resolved it in myself yet because, the answer cannot be that you're only allowed to be groomed if you're already groomed. It just can't be.