What I think matches what I feel, which matches with what see, which matches with what I say then do. It's taken a long time and I am by no means finished with my journey. I'm actually excited to find out how much more I can learn. One of my favorite things lately is getting back in touch with my tough side. I grew up in the streets of Boston and like anything, there was a lot of both good and bad that came along with it. I had to let go of a lot of it in order to rebuild and I have to say I'm psyched to be rebuilding my tough side. I used to have no impulse control. So in reality my so-called tough side was really just a dumb weak side because it usually got me into a lot of trouble and took away from my life instead of adding to it. I would have so much misdirected anger because of my past that I would screw up my future. I can honestly say that now I get mad at the appropriate things and I'm able to express it in a healthy way and sometimes that means thinking enough of myself to remove myself from a situation. Now self-preservation is my tough side. I'm tough enough to be alone and stand in with my own convictions. I need people, but only people who help me move forward. Move forward — that's an action; that is where true love for one's self lives. It's not a thought or a feeling or a something you see, it's what you do.