…what I do all day, so, I've decided to write a bunch of words to describe how my day goes. Hi, do you have my money? Thanks! Hi it's me again, oh I thought you said it was in the mail. That sounds great. Hi I'm looking for such and such and I'm willing to pay you money for it. Oh yes, but I'd like to be treated with respect. Ok I'll go fuck myself. Thank you. Hi in this contract it says such and such but you never mentioned such and such. So that's my option? Pay it or go fuck myself. OK I'll get back to you on that one. Hi, I was wondering if that was the best you could do? OK great thanks. Hi it's me, I can't contact you anymore, I need to be treated with respect. OK I got your message and you're forgiven and I'll give it another try. Hi the same thing is happening. You came back and said that you would respect me, but you haven"t returned my calls again. Hi what's your name? Hi so and so how are you? I need such and such can you help? OK can I speak to your supervisor? OK I'll go fuck myself, thanks again. Hi I need such and such and I can give you such and such. Great thanks that sounds awesome I'm looking forward to it. Hi this is Sue yes I have a show, no you can't own it, bye. No I 'm not interested, thanks again. Hi it's Sue yes that sounds like a very respectable deal for both of us. Hi it's Sue you need to do that thing that you said you were going to do so we can make some money. OK I'll go fuck myself. Hi yes, have you calmed down? I'm sorry that that made you regress to a memory of your mother but I'm not your mother and I need to make a living. OK? Hi did you just say those guys are gonna want to fuck me if we do business together, please tell them to get in line. No I will not take my shirt off for my check. Thanks.