I somehow think if I write that I am going to get back to blogging, that I will. That guilt will actually make me do it. But alas, no. No excuse, but I'm in Boston working my little tail off to make the run of Minus 32 Million Words a huge success. I swear on my soul that you get more with honey than vinegar. That doesn't mean that people aren't mean and they don't screw up. But I find if you stay above it you can actually fly. I have a dance that I do and I think as penance for not writing in a while I will share it with you. It's called the shake it off dance. You shake your whole body, as hard as you can, flap your arms (to mimic flying) while wiggling your hips and sticking out your tongue. This dance should be done whenever you come across negative energy. I actually have found a way to do it internally while in the presence of yuckiness. But I still do a full-on version when I get home. So everybody tonight, before you go to bed, do a shake-it-off dance and think of me :) I hope everything is spelled right in this post and the grammar is close to correct. I'm typing on a small version of what I am used to. I'm sure if it's not perfect, I will hear from all my favorite grammar police officers!