The Alexander Technique is a posture technique that I dabbled in a few years ago. I took a bunch of private sessions until one day, I felt like my insides were on the outside of my body and I quit. I wasn't ready to feel that open and vulnerable in the world.

That being said, I've been doing yoga for years now and am almost back to that point again. It's been a slower process and I'm more comfortable with it. I've been able to control it a little more and get comfortable with it at different stages.

There is a lot of talk about opening the heart in yoga and how your heart should be aligned with your pelvis and I feel like that is such a metaphor for life. The more I open my heart, the more my hips open and the sexier I feel. I also feel more sexy when I have healthy boundaries. I think I should care about the people I share my body with. I think I should care enough about myself as well.

I was thinking as I wrote Alexander Technique that it sounded sexual. It kinda is.

Think about what happens to us when we get old. We literally curl over; we cover our hearts and yoga teaches you to fight that, to keep your heart open. There has been many studies that say that people who live into the 100's do it by continuing to have sex.

I remember after 9/11 I went downtown to help serve food to the firemen. The were all flirting with me. I told my therapist at the time that I couldn't believe that these guys were flirting while they were in so much grief. Her response was, "Yes because sex is life." And I thought, Of course it is, that's how babies are made.

I have gone so deep in my yoga practice that I can feel that there is a knot in my heart. I've been working really hard to loosen that knot. The looser I am, the freer I feel, the sexier I am.

I have less aggression, I have more love to share and it makes me human. We are, after all, the only animals with our hearts on the front of our bodies.

Sexy, loving and respectfully connect with one another. Choose who to share your body and your heart with but by all means share it, or it will curl over and die.

I'm going to give the Alexander Technique a sex position name: it means having sex with your heart and not just dumping your aggression into another human.