I have had so many magnets and received a thousand cards that bore proclamations about living life, but I never knew how to put those words into action.

It takes so much energy to stop, to slow down, to manage the feelings that come along with blind faith.

You can't just decide to be different, you have to do something to be different.

The process is usually really uncomfortable. You have to do something that you've never done before and believe that it will be better. Usually you don't even have proof that it will be better, you just know that what you've been doing has not worked thus far.

For a long time, change happened only when the pain of not changing became greater than the pain that my fear of changing caused.

I would have to change the action and sit with the feelings that came along with the "not doing."

I once heard a girl ask, "What would I have to feel if I stopped all of this compulsive behavior?"

For me it's peace. Not at first; at first I feel the compulsions. The compulsions to fix, to run, to judge, to move but as I sit still, I change the action. When I sit still I might not be doing anything to make the situation better, but I'm definitely not making it any worse. And sometimes that's the most spiritual, humane thing to do.

The spirituality is the action and the action is the pause.