Oh boy I've been writing a blog about being a woman in comedy for over a week now. I wanted to take my time because I want to make sure it says exactly what I want. In the meantime I've been working by tooshie off. I have my book out to a few peeps. I am gearing up to do Minus 32 Million Words in Nantucket on Aug 30th. I'm headlining at Gotham Comedy CLub Tomorrow night and much much more.I was thinking this morning at I was listening to the song "Can't get next to you" about that line and the line "i build a castle form a single grain of sand" and how much my castle grew when I stopped trying to get so close to others. I have no agent, no manager no nuthin. I do all my work myself. A few years back i decided to cut out the middle man. I was sick of wasting time trying to get someone to see my vision and do the work that I was totally capable of doing, but scared to do. I met someone recently who worked for a BIG agency. They told me that they were totally addicted to drugs. They spent their entire day trying not get caught. I sat there and thought a. I'm glad this person is not hurting themselves anymore and B. i had a vision of me sitting on my could thinking "why haven't they called me? they hate me" Time to put the big girl pants on.