I really think the world is so detached from its center that everyone is just spinning a cocoon from their own fear. We are isolated and isolation causes death.

So many people say, "I didn't want to be the person who gets jealous" or "I didn't want to be the person who was disappointed."

Guess what? YOU CANNOT AVOID FEELINGS. You just switch one bunch for another. Most of the time it's anxiety in place of fear, sadness, anger, even joy — real joy.

The more you deny your true self, the more detached you become from you're center, which is love.

I was on Nantucket — one of the wealthiest places in the world. EVERYONE was afraid.

Then I went to the Hamptons, another wealthy place, and they all wished they lived on Nantucket.

The kinetic anxiety in the world is suffocating us.

Humanity is freedom. If we accept our humanity and stop chasing outside things, we will be free because chasing outside things is a form of self hatred.

We hate ourselves, we hate our bodies, which makes us hate our earth. We are killing our home because we have detached and tricked ourselves into believing hatred is our core, but it's not — only love is.

If you strip away all of it, all that will stick is the truth, which is love.

A kid whispered in my ear, "Why do we have love in our hearts?" and my niece asked me where God came from.

My response to both was, "Because Love is and always will be here."

If we admit all the parts of ourselves, if we surrender to our imperfection, we will feel relief. It is very loving to embrace imperfection because it softens you.

It is much harder to chase, or to be chased by, our judgements — that keeps us running. We're afraid that if we go in we will find out that we are disgusting. Or maybe we are afraid that if we go in, we will find out that we are love.

It is sometimes the behavior that is disgusting, but never, ever the person.

Slow down, go in, accept the humanity, and in doing that, you find compassion and patience for yourself.

Which, in turn, makes you have compassion for others.

That is the key to breaking the isolation and the pathway out of the cocoon.

It will be lonely at first because you will feel like you are going against the gravitation of the earth. You will feel like if you go in, you will never come out.

But the truth is, you will turn into a beautiful butterfly that is attracted to the light; a butterfly that everyone wants to be around.

No money needed.