So I think everyone battles with this idea of knowing when to say something and when not to. When acting too quickly could hurt you, but acting too slowly could hurt you too.

How do you know if you're acting from the crazy part of you or not when everything is all mixed up inside?

I'm finding that if I say what I mean, mean what I say, and don't say it mean, I usually can't go wrong.

I need to say it though — no one can read my mind.

I need to take the risk and possibly be wrong, but if I've said something wrong in a respectful way, there is always somewhere to grow from.

I don't hurt another human being. In fact, I might actually see them and maybe even learn something.

The reward is that I walk around lighter and more supported as opposed to heavy, lonely and defeated.

Defeated by my own self and my inability to communicate.

Imagine that?

They really were onto something when they said relationships are all about communication.

Isolation breeds crazy.

Today, try not to project a fantasy on someone. Try to listen and have and honest exchange.

I promise you'll feel a little lighter ,a little less alone and a little less crazy.