Wow what a beautiful weekend!!!! I can't believe how much fun you can have if you just say yes! The beach was beautiful! And, Sunday my friends and I were invited to go on this guys speed boat. I was terrified!! I really wasn't sure if I wanted to go. I kept thinking is this my gut telling me something or am i just being a tight ass? I thought, if I go against my gut and I'm terrified the whole time, I'll be pissed. But if I don't go and everyone has fun, I'll be pissed. So, I loosened my ass cheeks and hopped aboard. And guess what? It was a BLAST!!! We went flying across the water and watched the sunset listening to cheesy disco music. When we were done I felt so invigorated. I went back to the house and put on my boots and my short shorts and went for coffee. As I was pouring my cream into my coffee I hear A whistle, whoo hoo. I don't turn around but I kinda know the guy is whistling at me. It's not til he does it again that I turn and it' s this actor from the show Rescue me.  I give him a hug and he grunts. We say good bye  and all I can think is, wow walking through your fears does a body good.  Loosen those ass cheeks and it will show. So. for all of you out there afraid to have fun, do it!!! NOW!!!! That energy is contagious and it will make others happy as well.