Private coaching via FaceTime, or workshops for you or your business.

Do you wish you could be more consistent with your stand-up act? Or maybe wish you could try stand-up at least once in your life? Maybe you have a fear of public speaking, or just want help with your personal communication skills and authenticity. Well, this coaching is for you! Sue Costello has honed a surefire method, by using humor in a cohesive way, to bring people closer, as opposed to pushing people apart.  Sue has been honing this ability since she was born and, with over 20 years of experience, wants to infuse you with the same kind of vitality, to help you transform your life and bring your stand-up act, public speaking, or just your everyday life communication, to a new level.

Sue shows you how to enhance what you already have inside of you by mimicking relationships. In a supportive space, Sue helps you bridge the gap between who you are inside, and how the world perceives you. Sue supports you in walking through the fear in your head that blocks the real you, which is essential to happiness and success!  Also, being able to collaborate with others, and communicate, helps build relationships.

With the private coaching, you learn one on one skills, and the workshops help show you how to communicate your authentic self to your audience.

 Sue has also been able to do this with family members,  who are different in some ways, and similar in others, that want to connect while maintaining authenticity, but are unsure how to do so in a loving way. 

They say even in jail, if you can't fight, be funny! Everyone likes the funny person! 

These sessions will help you control how much, or how little,  help you need to maximize success. The focus is to ensure participants can better understand who they are, what they want to say, and if it is something that will translate to their audience.

I can help you with:

                Joke writing/speech writing/enhancing your personal communication skills.

                Show you how to develop new material, without making radical changes in your current comedy act or personality.

                Editing your core comedy act.

                Matching jokes to your character.

                Directing the acting part of your performance.

                The three "acts" that encompass your stand-up comedy, speeches or personal authenticity:

1    Tell them who you are.

2    What keeps you from being who you are.

3    Show them who you are.

·       Additionally I can help with:

·       1. How to audition for a network/take a meeting.

        2. How, and when, to audition for stand-up clubs.

·       3. How to put together a set for TV.

·       4. How to turn your talent into action.

·       5. What you need - an agent, a manager or self promotion with social media, etc.

 After receipt of your payment through PayPal, I will send you a list of questions to answer and then we will talk for an hour. This first session is 2 hours at $200.  Each additional hour is $100.  You can send stand up, stories, speeches, or personal communication obstacles either in writing or via video. I will review the material and then I will email or call you to set up a mutually convenient schedule.

Workshop Prices Upon Request


"Sue Costello is a great speaker -- what she talks about is the true nature of her business from the peak of its highest mountain to the depths of its lowest valley. She not only entertains her audience, she instructs it. Our students at Emerson wouldn't let her go when the session was over. They couldn't get enough of her. She is engaging from the get-go and her energy is palpable. I've been with Emerson's Screenwriting Certificate program since 1998 and Sue is easily among the best speakers we've had during that time." - Barry Brodsky, Director, Emerson College Screenwriting Certificate Program

"Our guest speaker, Sue Costello, graciously shared stories of the reality of the industry and didn't hold back.  Her down-to-earth approach and humor transferred years of experience into the minds of the students of Boston College.  My students are not only wiser, but invigorated.   Each walked away with a new insight into the film and television business that you cannot learn from a book or teach in a classroom."

Mary Conroy, head of the Boston College screenwriting program. 

Sue, Great show last night and FANTASTIC workshop. We were still talking about it late last night and this am. You really inspired some big shifts for everyone in the room. I am getting rid of my scarcity mentality and "heinous" attitude. I read through my notes for my friend Sue who needed that workshop more than anyone. Martha (your driver) was able to chirp in and fill in a lot of the gaps, they retained your message like a boss.  I loved all the funny women and men I heard, but your workshop was THE thing for me. 

Cindy Pierce, stand up comic.

It is rumored that, when Michelangelo was asked how he sculpted the David he replied, "It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David." Working with Sue Costello was like that. With knowledge, humor and grace she lovingly worked with me to chip away at my long, drawn out stories. What was left was a stand-up routine I continue to develop using the process she taught me.

 Silver Rose, private coaching student.

Go check out Sue Costello's comedy workshop! Lady is a brain ninja!" "It doesn't matter if you've never done comedy, or if you've been doing it for five years, Sue's work is an absolute must for anybody looking to sharpen their skills and go from a good comedian to a great comedian.

Anthony Capobianco, Workshop and private coaching student.