In this episode, Sue talks about her understanding of the psychology behind #sexism and #MaleEnergy and black and white thinking. How the balance of power is perverted and that's why the abuse occurs.  Sue poses a few questions - 1) Why is the 1% winning? There are 99% of us. 2) Will people be honest and pay what they can for the podcast? Or do people only respect something that you make them pay for?

#IamSueCostello is a a half-hour, pay-what-you-can podcast that was inspired by Sue Costello’s appearance on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, an episode that continues to resonate with listeners worldwide. In the spirit of creating an intimate, honest discussion, Sue has created a day-in-the-life podcast where she shares her unique point-of-view about current events and how to affect global change by changing herself and sharing that journey. No hate, no blame, only candid conversation about the human experience and the empathy necessary to transform darkness into light. A podcast for the everyman and everywoman, #IamSueCostello will make you laugh, cry and contemplate the world in a whole new way. Here is Episode 7 Episode 7 No FFFFaaahhhhhkin Way, Man.


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