Looks like we're going to havet he first black president and i'm have mixed emotions about it. First of all, because for years i couldn't even participate. I could not tolerate the feelings of watching someone that I supported loosing. I also could not tolerate watching someone who has so much potential self destruct before my very eyes. They are both pretty similar when it comes to policy and some argue that Hillary would make a better Commander in Chief.  Hillary was way ahead in the polls in the beginning of this race and somehow Mr Obama has stolen the show right out from under her.  If you've watched closely it's really not hard to see why.  Some argue that the sexism in this country is stronger than the racism and that's why Obama is winning. But they mean the sexism from others. I ask to you to question the sexism that emminates from Hilary herself. She had a father who told her she was never good enough, she stayed in an humiliating marriage just  so she could get the political power she wanted to win the highest job in our nation( The biggest case of penis envy I've ever seen, if you will.) and here she is so close to becomming the first woman president and what does she do? she becomes a Bitch. Snl says it's okay, that it's the only way a woman can get a head. I veamently dissagree.I think it has been her undoing. She is so blinded by her own self hatred that it has gotten ahead of her and pretty much perpetuated her fathers sentiments. I'm not saying i'm happy that this has happened by any stretch, but it truly is her emotions that got ahead of her. All obama has  done is what the great Billy Jean King did when she had to play a man. At first, she thought she was going to at him agressively, but as soon as she got to the net she decided to change it up, she let him run, and run, and run.   Maybe Hilary should have taken some pointers. That anger will get you every time BIACH:)