What is it about being naked that is so enticing? That first time you're with someone and every inch of their body is a mistery.  The forbidden fruit that is only for your eyes only. That slip of the lace panties, the unsnapping of the bra, the slow lowering of the fly. The anticipation is unbearble. Unless you were at the Equinox on Greenich Ave at around 6:00pm tonight where I Sue Costello flashed my boobs to all the guys comming out of the mens locker room. That's right people there was no mystery there. I was topless and needed a towel so I ran to get one and low and behold the table with the towels on it was in direct eyesight of the mens lockerroom.  I stood there frozen as they all filed out one at time just smiling away.  I thought i was going to die, I was practically crying when it hit me, I was in the villiage, which means they were all probably gay anyway.