Well, I have to say I woke up very excited this morning. I can't believe how many people are coming out tonight.  And, I can't believe that I can actually feel happy and grateful about it.   Fear and anxiety used to be the only thing I could think of when good things happened in the past. But now, I'm looking forward to getting on that stage tonight and giving my all. One of my friends works with Bruce Springsteen and he posted close up pictures of him on his face book page.  I was blown a way, the guy is 60 something years old and he looks like he puts his heart an soul into every word he utters. My friend told me that there are nights when he thinks to himself , Bruce must be retiring tonight because look at what he's putting out there. And then Bruce gets off stage and says get me a cheeseburger. LOL. It reminds me of when I was learning how to box and my trainer told me that I had to leave everything in the ring. I had to give it my all, no matter what. I apply that to my show biz career and my life. I show up give my all and let go of the results.  The last time I performed my show was in Boston, a month ago, and it was the scariest thing I've ever done. I went home to the people I grew up with and showed them my art. I gave it my all, and believe me, it was not easy. I practically had to perform in a hallway. I heard Leguizamo talk one time about how he started his one man shows and he said he started in a hallway with two people. And really, it's easy to get up in front of strangers on a proper stage? But do I really grow from that? No, I grow from the experiences that cause me the most fear.   I don't deny that I'm afraid, because I learned a long time ago, that if you do that it flattens you. Because if you push down the bad feelings the good ones have to go too. So, now I feel the fear and do it anyway. The result is exhilaration and satisfaction. And isn't that why people watch performers ?They want us to give them all of us, they don't want us to hold back because of fear, that's what they pay for.  So, for all of you coming out tonight, I plan to leave it all in the ring. God, how lucky am I to be able to get on the stage, prance around, express myself an infect others with my pleasure?