Dear Sue Costello, When you thanked me after your performance for attending and I told you I was Anne's  husband, my suppressed feeling was to hug you. I found your stripping back the essence of your being a stunning artistic experience, which I have to admit was not comfortable to watch and was even painful, and although had its funny elements, which certainly contributed to its greatness, being funny, for me, was not what it was about......

Dear Sue, I had the priviledge of seeing your amazing show last night! You had me laughing hysterically and crying at the same time; what a journey!! I just wanted to say how inspiring, moving, and hilarious it was!

Hey Sue, The fact is that I was sort of in shock after your show and fear I didn't adequately tell you my reaction. It was more than 'wonderful'-- It was really powerful. Raw. Painful at times. But the overarching thing that got to me was how deeply you revealed yourself. You even LOOKED different in the different segments/time periods. Really an astonishing and moving evening!

was AWESOME! actually don't even know if awesome is a big enough word to describe... i laughed so hard i had to have peed, just a little, and then there were other times couldn't stop the tears streaming down my face if i tried... but have to also admit cutest moment was you not being able to not crack up at "32? i thought you guys ........"