Last night I slept so deep because I had the best massage of my life.  I literally almost couldn't walk after. I was dizzy and happy all at once. I love, love, love to be touched.  I am like a monkey, monkeys die if they are not touched. Anyway, I had the nicest dream.  It was about all these people who had this special ability to fly. The let me in on it. They told me that everyone has the ability but they just don't use it.  All I had to think about it and the next thing I knew I was flying through the sky.  I was thinking about it in yoga today. The teacher was talking about how you need to work on the back of your body as much as your front. The back, he said, represents the past and the front, your future. And I started thinking about how we literally curl forward as we get older. How our past creeps up and takes over us.  I thought about how hard it is to stand up straight and how our hearts on the front of our bodies. It makes sense, you need to be aware of your past and courageous enough to stand up to receive the future. Your back needs to be strong enough to support your front. It all works together to make you a whole person.  I was thinking about how I went back to Boston to do my show. The reason I did it in such a small place was because I was scared. I remembered only bad things coming out of Boston about my sitcom. Who knows though? I could have only focused on that. People could have said nice things as well. So I needed to drum up my courage and go back to prove that what was in my brain wasn't reality. I needed to confront my past so that I can own it, and  fly into the future...... Everybody knows a plane can take off if there is too much baggage.