OK I just got back with lunch with a movie guy...... I got down  to Union Square and I realized I had forgotten my phone. I NEVER forget my phone. I was supposed to meet him at 12:30. I got to the Virgin Record store (our meeting place) and right away this guy starts talking to me and my first thought is yuck I don't want to stand here and get bothered. The guy is trying to sell his poetry cd. He tells me how stylish I am and that I have an amazing body.  I say "thanks" and turn my ipod back up.  I'm waiting and waiting thinking what are the chances of this happening the day I forget my phone? All of a sudden poetry guy comes over again, "excuse me, are you an actress?  yes you are you're from that movie Southie and you're on TV all the time." I say "yes " and then he asks me why I'm hanging out. I tell him I forgot my phone and was supposed to meet someone.  He let me use his. Of course I think see Sue, don't judge everyone, they're not all looking to get something.  I called my voicemail and found out that movie guy was running late.  While I"m standing there the poetry guy says that aint cool he shouldn't be late, no woman should have to wait. I said, "If I lived my life that way I'd never get anywhere." And all of  a sudden, his friend's eyes lit up. He says. "you're so right, that ego will get you everytime, embrace that feminine energy."   The movie guy shows up and we go to lunch, but not before I get River the poetry guys website. I told him I would blog and send him a shout out. Dancehard@nativeweb.net. Oh and I had a blouse on today that moved in a way that showed my stomach, only if I leaned in a certain direction. I was on the train and this lady was like "I like it, I like it!" I thought she meant my ipod. She was referring to my belly button ring. Then I was walking into my building and the doorman said "I like your bellybutton ring." I thought it was hidden, do people really look that close?  Then I got inside and thought River probably saw it too and when I saw the missed call on my phone it hit me, that now River has my number. LOL maybe I've been swindled.