My show goes up again here's the link for tix and some quotes from the press!!

"Most people don't have the charisma, the stamina or the anecdotes to sustain an uninterrupted 11/2 hr show alone. Costello does it sans props, costumes and music" Boston Metro

"Sue Costello's one woman show inspires and amuses" Boston Metro

"As a performer, Sue Costello is energetic and fearless" Boston Herald

"This is the life story everyone from her psychologist to the producers of her Fox sitcom tried to get her to curtail.” Boston Herald

β€œIt's the flipside of Costello's stand up act -- too brutal and frank to be disposable as a night of jokes." Boston Herald

"What they may be surprised about is how Costello turns a life that was a mess into a creative performance." Patriot Ledger

"Costello rivets the audience with a comics gift for delivery and wit and an actress' skill with emotion." Patriot Ledger

"In the part comedic performance, part-raw emotional saga Costello proves quite a character." Boston Metro