Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and FB. I want to link all of this together with the vlogs as well on Social cam.  MY MISSION IS TO EMBRACE MY HUMANITY AND SOMEHOW MAKE THAT INTO ENTERTAINMENT. I have a show called I Wasn't Trying To Be Funny, a book and all the above mentioned outlets. I am going to get back to writing this blog as well. I feel like reading my thoughts can be just as effective as me speaking them or showing pictures. If I can figure out a way to stream them all together I will be beyond excited. I just had the thought to make the blog and the vlog have the same theme. Let's try that. For today though, I posted a pic of Gandhi this morning on Instagram with the quote "Be the change you want to see in the world." I can honestly say that this is what I aim for every day. I get frustrated, I get scared, I don't trust myself, or the universe some days, but I keep going. I keep growing, I keep going right at my fears. I work every day to lift my wound up to the air so that it can heal. I want to act from my heart and not my wound. It is devastatingly beautiful. Everything that looked like it would make me happy didn't, so I decided to turn in. And all i can say is ................ I'm too turned on, I can't turn back.