I'm gonna try to link the Blog and the Vlogs. I like to write and I like to talk and I LOVE WHEN U LOVE IT!!! Here's a lil comment that I just found. xoxo

"Sue, I was introduced to you when I heard you on Marc Maron’s WTF. You were so incredibly engaging and your laugh was so free and infectious and your honesty and insight given your internal struggles since childhood was so confirming of the human spirit. Since then I’ve been watching a few of your performances and vlogs and reading your blogs and you just continue to impress with your human stories and your incredible faith in the uniquely human qualities of love, kindness and humor. And dammit this is all in ADDITION to you being so damn funny. It sounds like you’re on a trajectory to greater stardom (whether you like it or not). I look forward to charting your progress…but it seems to me you have already found success in your life!!"