Yesterday I was in yoga class and it was packed. I did a headstand in the middle of my mat and while I was up there, the girl behind me was flailing all over the place and I knew she was going to fall. You're not supposed to close your eyes, so I had to just try to relax them and try not to pay too much attention to her. I had to be aware in case she fell on me, but if I closed my eyes, I would ruin my own headstand. Well, she flipped over twice. Her feet landed within inches of my face. I didn't even flinch. AHHHHHHHHHH it felt like a million dollars. It was such a  metaphor for life. That idea of being aware of your surroundings but not letting others flailing take you out of your focus.  I said I would write more about the idea of showing people love yesterday. It's such a complicated subject, but I will try.  I guess it goes back to being truley kind, with no hidden agendas. It's about seeing people's humanity and letting them flail to find their way and protecting yourself from it; but not closing your eyes to them, especially while your life is turned upside down.