That's how I start my day, well actually it's thoughts, then coffee.... I wake up, meditate for at least 6 minutes, that's the minimum.  Then I get up, have my coffee, which I LOVE. I only have one cup a day. I've heard that maybe it's not good for you, but I've tried to quit many a times and haven't really noticed a difference and I love it so much so I figure why block my pleasure?  That's what that few moments in the morning does for me. It helps me separate the good from the bad and the me from the you. I lie there, breathe and try to not think about anything; and if bad thoughts come up a let them pass. Then,I stretch and get up and put the coffee on.  It's so cool because there was a time in my life when I couldn't get out of bed unless I found something to worry about. I would lie there come up with something bad and then get up. It was like fuel, this anxiety. I would think about it over and over until I was so miserable I couldn't do anything. This is how I lived my whole life, I never knew there was another way. Then I found out that obsession is just a block to feelings. If it stays in your head then it doesn't drop in your heart. If it's not in your heart you are half human, no one can see you and you are literally alone with your thoughts.    Pleasure was taboo in my family.I mean, growing up they taught us, if you think it, it's real. They were mostly referring to bad thoughts. But now I ask myself, why doesn 't that work the other way around? What if I just choose to only listen to the good thoughts? It's makes me feel much better and in turn my body feels better and then, I'm more fun to be around. So, now I choose pleasure.I choose to feel instead of think. that's the beauty of humanity. It's what connects us all. We can't connect through our brains it has to be through our hearts why do you think we are the only animals with our hearts on the fronts of our bodies? So, for today, I implore you all to try to only pay attention to the good thoughts. Even if you can only do it for 6 minutes.