I used to think, why is it when I lose my wallet and then find it; that the joy I feel, never matches the pain I would feel if I couldn't find it?  Simple, I couldn't feel goodness. Well, there's new sheriff in town. I say enough of that! Yesterday I had a day of goodness that I would never have happened in the past, not because the world isn't good, but because I would have found some way to make shit out of it. I would worry and try to control things, based out of fear.

I'm going to Boston next weekend and I'm staying in my favorite hotel and they are hooking me up. I stayed there in April and had  lil prob at check in and now they making it up to me.

When I was there,I worked with Charlie Murphy and I met his publicist. She was so nice that when I got back to Boston, I followed up with her and thanked her. She sent me the nicest email telling me if I ever needed anything to let her know.

Well, I needed to do some radio to promote my show, so I aksed for her help. She sent me the names of a few people that were at the Charlie show. I followed up and they are thrilled to have me on. They thought I was wicked funny.

Like that wasn't enough, I was walking home from getting a massage and a phone call that I had been waiting on came in. I can't share the news yet, but in due time I will. But I will tell you, it was a very nice phone call.

The point of all this being, I never would have followed up with all this because I didn't feel worthy and staying a victim was all I knew.  I thought, who will I be if I'm not the girl who gets f*cked over?

Ah ha !!! I'll tell you. I'll be the girl who gets everything she's ever dreamed of and feels the gratitude from the top of her head, to the bottom of her tippy toes!!!!