hmmmmmmm sounds simple right? I don't even like the word good or bad for that matter. I would prefer authentic or inauthentic. Because as altruistic as it may sound, I believe that every human being is at their core, essentially good.   I don't think that any human being enters this earth with something wrong with them. and I certainly don't think that God breaks people, I think people break people and sometimes they do it under the guise of love. That being said, a friend of mine was talking about the importance of having a strategy for life. In the same breath, he talked about how God was going tt take care of him.  I told him that that concept has always been something I wrestled with. If God is going to take care of everything, then why do I need to have a strategy?

So like everything that doesn't make sense to me, I needed to give it some space and see what came to me. about it. And here's what I came up with.

I think that the only strategy you can have is to understand yourself to find what you really want, desire and refute. Not based on what others will thing but really what's in your gut.  Find out what makes you tick. find out what is ok for you and what's not. Find out the difference between what was put on you as opposed to who you really are.

That is the work I believe we are supposed to do as human beings. I used to be so afraid of going to hell. Then when I was a teenager I thought this was hell. And now I think hell is the burning shame that we all carry around inside us.  I think heaven is right here on earth but sometimes you have to go through hell to get there. I think that we get in our own way. That happiness is the state that we all are in but we take ourselves out with our own self hatred.

Personal boundaries are my strategy, because if we are all children of God then that means i am as well. So why would I treat God's child poorly. The only reason would be because some human being showed me that you treat children poorly.  I understand why kids don't want to grow up,  because what it looks like to be and adult is miserable.

I also think that kids are the closest thing to God that we have. I mean think about, you create a kid, which is close to the word creator. so when we are creating we are closer to our creator.   I think adults can't take the unbearable lightness of being that kids posses because they kids light exposes the adults darkness.

But, an adult would never say that out loud. They have a hard time admitting to what children bring up in them. I mean really, imagine a little tiny vulnerable thing lying next to you. It would to bring up feelings of when we our selves were that vulnerable. Adults pretend that what they are doing for the kid is for the kids own good but really it's just so the adult doesn't have to feel certain feelings. they squash the kid,thus the cycle continues. Not until we all embrace our child within and help that chile mature will the cycle stop.

I think the most spiritual question you can ask is why. Kids ask it all the time.

Catholics eat fish on Friday esp during lent. I wasn't sure why eating fish could make you more holy. I wanted to know why so I googled it, and it says becuae the fishing industry (mafia in Italy) was having a hard time financially so the Pope declared all catholics eat fish on Friday.

So for today, I ask that you to just ask yourself why you do things, what makes you tick, what's your passion?  Also, how much hell are you will to go through to get it?

There was a guy rowing a boat and God was on the front steering it. The guy rowing said "hey God I'm tired can I steer" and God replied "Sure, but I don't row."