KEEP COMMENTING!! My brain hurts as I think about what that really means, minimum effort maximum results. Because it can mean two things. One meaning is oppressive and the other is empowering.

If we take the path of least resistance all the time, our lives will not only remain small  but they will get smaller. There is no such thing as status qo you are etiher growing or dying that's it.......

The path of least resistance feels like less work but in actuality it creates more work and work that gets you no where. Like the gerble on the wheel going round and round. The definition of insanity is , doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If we do the hard work of healing our insides then the work outside actually becomes seamless. Ah, but something so simple, can be so complicated. There is that age old adage that pain is the touch tone of growth, but how do you know when you are causing yourself more pain or if the pain is just part of the process?  .

We could remain in misery our whole lives thinking that we are growing.

This is how you can tell. If your life starts to improve after each painful experience. If you learn something about yourself, if the insight you gain helps you have more compassion for another human being. Simply if your heart softens instead of hardening.

My yoga instructor and I were talking about how the grace is in the pause last night and how hard it is to pause. One of the most helpful sayings I've ever heard was "when you  don't know what to do, don't do anything."

That is probably harder than working 3 jobs. But in the long run it brings an easiness that makes your world open up. A flow that just happens.

Every single person wants to be free and happy and helpful but sometimes they have no idea how to get there. The impulses take over and sabotage the exact thing that they want.

That's why they say revenge is better served cool. I don't know if I like the word revenge, but there is something to be said about letting your emotions settle to actually see what is really going on. Someone once told me that people need to hear things three times because their past clouds their reality.

I have had that happen many times where the pain of what was going on was so excruciating that I couldn't tolerate it so I acted out, only to find out later ,that I was projecting on to the situation.

I looked up the definition of projection and it was something like a person projects their uncomfortable emotions onto other so they don't have to feel them. i.e. If I don' t like someone I say "I think they hate me."

When in reality I don't like them. But that used to make me feel like a bad person because i felt so bad about myself to begin with so I felt like if I expressed any bad feelings that  would expose how bad i felt inside. I had to pretend that I was loving and that nothing bothered me and you know what that got me? A very small world and an inability to be around people.

But now that I feel better inside I'm OK with having those uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes I get really mad at people, sometimes I get jealous, sometimes I read the situation wrong and have to apologize.

What a way more fulfilling way to go through life. Showing others my humanity so that they can feel safe to show their own.

I want to continue on my journey to becoming more human to feeling more love  I love that the process is progress not perfection. I  want to grow towards not being the reason for my own demise.