I'm sitting here waiting for a confernce call that was supposed to happen 25 minutes ago  and my email is down so, I took a break to surf the web. I came across a story about an 18 year old cheerleader who had an almost perfect grade point adverage, died this weekend from complications during her breast implant surgery. I left that space on purpose because i wanted all of you who read this to let that last line sink in before any other words enter you're brain. When i told my friend about it her response was an 18 year old doesn't need implants and my response was "no one needs implants."  Funny enough I was talking about this with my friend Joe last night. A woman at our table said "Sue you have such an amazing body, is yoga all you do?" And then Joe said "sue you really do,  it looks even better than it did last summer." Joe knows this because I spent many a weekends on the beach with him in my bikini. We somehow got onto talking about my small breasts. Joe informed me that they were proportionate to my body and very sexy. I will not lie, it makes me feel great that people notice what great shape i am in, but i will say, i am not in shape so that people will say that  to me, i am in shape because I have to live every day in my body and i like it to be strong and healthy and support me, not slow me down. It's also a great aid when it comes to sexuality. Trust me, yoga definitely helps in the sexy department if you let it. (Loose hips sink ships lol) That being said,  I fell asleep thinking about how many guy fans i have and how they always say I'm sexy but they follow it up with my brains and sense of humor.  I never get inappropriate emails they are always all three combined. They always comment on my spirit, and my integrity and i think it's because i show all of that to them.I've always wanted to let people see me for who i really am but struggled with the fear that it would be too much.  I've decided to go in, to really see who i am, to take good care of myself and in turn that brings other pleasure. So what I am trying to say is, you get what you give.  I am writing this for the girls out there who struggle with being their authentic self, Being smart is sexy, being funny is sexy and taking care of yourself is very attractive to others, but i can tell you ,it has to happen from the inside out because to go from the outside in can be deadly.