So, it was Easter weekend and i didn't need to go to church to hear about hope beacause i was living it. My boys from Boston came down for the day on Saturday. One of the guys is truly one of my best friends and  when i say he's done me a few solids that's an understatement. When i need him to show up for me he shows up. The reason being is one, he loves me, but two, because a few years back he found himself in a little place called prison. His family had disowned him because he was out of control. His Mom happened to  read in the paper that he was in prison and sent a guy to talk to him. That guy told him he didn't have to live like that and vouched for him in front of the judge, he spoke about my friend in way that no-one had ever done. He said that my friend had a hope in his eyes and need to change. He was released from prison and never looked back. A singel act of kindness made him change his life.  We had a great day, we went to yoga, then to BlT burger then in a spontaneous act, we decided to surprise another friend of ours who was celebrating his birthday at Foxwoods. We drove for hours and walked into what they called the "Asian room" ( c'mon their from Boston Lol) and when our other friend saw us he was ecstatic. I haven't witnessed pure joy in someones face like that in a long time. Because that's how we roll. We got each others back. When people see us together they say "I wish I was from where you guys are from" and it makes me feel proud and sad at the same time. Because we're like a bunch or war vets. We all made it out alive and are so filled with gratitude that we can't help but pay it forward because we know when you have nothing a single act of kindness can change your life. Now if that isn't a story of resurrection, I don't know what is.