Whew,  I'm coming off a weekend filled with aggression. It's not easy using my super powers to defend against the insanity. It all started Fri night when this guy tried to upstart in front of a bunch of people in public. I'll spare you the boring details because it's the same ol story...... they like me, can't hang ,then attack me because of it. Same thing happened this morning with another guy. I'm tempted to post the email because you would swear that a 13 year old wrote it. I don't think they got the memo THERE IS A NEW SHERRIF IN TOWN..... who doesn't get horny when guys are mean to me anymore.  I have crossed the threshold...... it's a miracle. So pass this on to all the guys who might even be contemplating playing any games,..... I still love the guys, but please let it be guys,  men only need apply:)