Rose McGowen doesn't think so. I did a movie with Rose and one night in her hotel room she told me first off ,that my wrinkles give me character and then proceeded to tell me that she could never be a comic because guys would never laugh at someone they want to f*ck.  That day I made the decision that  I could never be Rose McGowen. Why are women so mean to each other? Last night i got a horrific post forwarded to me from a woman, The post had a dictionary of what women really mean. I.E.  if she says she's adventurous she's slept with all your friends, If' she is confident she is a bitch......etc. It made me so sad. Don't women realize that they are women? I think somewhere along the line we tricked ourselves into thinking that being a woman is so bad that we've pretended to separate ourselves from ourselves just so we can join in the hatred. I was on line in post office today and the guy behind the counter was such a talker he could've  talked a dog off a meat wagon. Everybody on line was so mad him, all of a sudden a woman yells out "Jesus Christ he's worse than a God Damn woman." I was like YOU ARE A WOMAN!!!!!! I'm calling for a universal stop to woman shitting on other woman. I beg you pay attention watch what you say about yourself and other women.  Lets make April 1st national stop talking shiat about your sisters day!!!!