I was too pooped last night to write. I had the most glorious day sailing yesterday. I love the water. There is something so healing about floating around on nature like that. There were a few times when the wind was so strong and the boat was literally on it's side.

At first I would tighten my body but after a few times, and realizing that we were not going to tip over, I gave into it and lied there a few inches from the water.

It was exhilarating. I realized that by tightening my body I was giving myself a false sense of control I do it when I'm flying too. As I'm writing that it seems ridiculous like I can somehow control the world by squeezing my ass cheeks together.

Every time I let go and give into fear I fly, Literally leave my body. I think that is the feeling that people who do drugs chase after.

I had some body work done of Fri and the practitioner asked me what my definition of surrender was, and I responded, "acceptance." She said "most people don't say that. I responded with , " I'm not most people."

And yesterday on the boat this girl said to me "Sue you are really really smart." Both she and my other friend said they like hanging around with me because it must mean that I think they are smart too.

I think everybody is smart, we are all born with the same gut. I think that the emotions get in the way. One you are clear your gut (which is your second brain) and your head help to support each other.( ah ah pooped is the way I started this blog off and I didn't even realize the depth of that)

The only way I can describe is, as humans it's our job to remain open. To continue to learn how not to sabotage ourselves to stay centered so then the divine intervention can come in an sweep us away, and the next thing we know we are sailing away.

If that's not a high I don't know what is.