So, yesterday was my second chess lesson. This guy had volunteered to teach me.  The reason why I want to learn how to play chess is because I've heard that it helps exercise your brain. He kept telling me that he only likes to play with a timer. He doesn't like that people take a bunch  of time to think.

I said, "don't you think that maybe that's a mind game. If you told me that, I would see that as a weakness and take my time because it would drive you crazy and then I could win." He responded "no."

He proceeded to teach me that the Queen is the baddest mutha f*ckah on the board.  And that you should always be a few moves ahead of your next move.

Then I won lol.

Yesterday was the second lesson.  As soon as we sat down this cute little boy came over and starting giving me rapid fire tips.  He talked alot and really fast. He told us that his older brother was much better at the game than him. He said that his older brother was better than him and t everything. I said to the guy "wow and it never changes, you are always the younger brother."

The guy proceeded to say (with so much aggression mind you ) "No my younger brother worked for me."

I took note. Then the kid told me that the guy had taught me the wrong name for one of the pieces. He told me it was called a castle, and the kid said it's called a rook, (i already knew this because I went on line and studied in between the two lessons)

The guy got all insecure and said "he knows more than me."

Then the older brother came over and started to help me. He was must calmer and took longer to think. As the pauses were happening i was beginning to realize that the guy was bullshitiing me. I had asked him a few questions that he didn't have the answers to. He would just tell me that the only way to learn was to play.

I asked the older boy to help me by asking me questions, to lead me to making my move, instead of just making it for me. He did it kindly.

The younger brother was still knocking over pieces and  acting rambunctious. Then out of no where, another little boy came over and asked who's ball was lying beside us.

The little one responded "mine." and just as the kid was walking away he said, "you can use it."

He knows what it feels like to have an older brother, so he shared.

Then, we were back to the game. I kept my eyes on the guy the whole time.

At one point he intimidated the older one,  jumped on him before he was able to make his move. I saw the shame come over his body. He was getting the unconscious message not to make the guy look bad.  I let the kid finish and  then It was time to go.

I politely said I had somewhere to be. I bent down looked in the boys eyes and thanked them for their help and told them to never stop being great at chess, no matter what.

As me and the guy were walking to the street, I thought, that's why he likes to go fast, so that no one will see him for who he really is. Which is  really just a 6 year old kid, without the empathy.  He had no more moves, he just showed me who he was in an hour. Check mate.