My whole life people have tried to put me in a box. Make me act in a way that makes them feel comfortable. And many times i was a willing volunteer. I squelched myself to make someone feel better about themselves.  I thought in some way that  I would quell their insecurities, but it NEVER worked.

The insecurities are there always and if they are not dealt with they get worse.

The only way I can simply describe it is a drowning person will step in your head to save themselves, but really all that does is kill both people.

It never works because eventually the real you comes out and everybody is disappointed.

So, today I ask you all to go out and let your spirit soar a little. Go out and dance or tell someone a secret about yourself, or give a stranger a hug. Who cares if they think you are weird. Don't hide your spirit so others won't feel bad go out and shine so they can see that it's possible.

I know this sounds like a little thing but it's the first step twoards freedom.

And think about it; if you do one of those little steps everyday, eventually you will be halfway there:)