Today I bought a hoola hoop that glows in the dark and has flashing lights one it. I I LOVE IT!! It's to help me work on my hip moves for all the dancing that i'm about to put in my show. It's also to for the kid in me. I used to be able to make it move all the way up to my neck and then back down my body to my feet. Then, i could take one foot our and keep it twirling while skiping over it.

It is my mission to get back to that.

As  a kid I did it for fun, as an adult I'm doing it for three things,

1, exercise

2. fun

3. to enhance my sexy:)

That's the difference between being a kid and being an adult. You can still have fun, but instead of it being free floating you can focus it to get maximum results.

I heard that Sinatra song the other day about how you can't be narrow of mind if you are young at heart.