I mean it !! I fell asleep last night to a sex scene involving Chris rock and believe me i have never found that guy sexually attractive but he aided and abetted in my having not one, but two excellent sex dreams last night. The were so good that I've been hungry and tired all day. I have never really been offended by the idea of porno, the only problem i have is the degradation of women. Which i think is brought on because of the sexual repression in this country. If we weren't repressed the perversion would be taken out of it. If you repress anything it is going to come out sideways, I mean i grew up Irish catholic, i was taught that the only reason people are supposed to have sex is to procreate. I was also taught that Catholics eat fish on Friday. One day i decided to google "why catholics eat fish on Friday" and you know what it said. Because back in the day the Italian mafia was having a hard time selling their fish ,so they went to the Pope and he solved the problem by declaring all Catholics eat fish on Fri. I was floored, i was like why hasn't anyone else thought to check this?? Didn't anyone feel the need to ask why?  But then i realized that that would mean they would have to then question  everything like, if we're only supposed to have sex to procreate then why did God make us Horny?  I guess it's easier for people to conform and take all the oppression and not feel strong and sexy, but not me, I'm going to continue to watch my titillating TV and have wonderful dreams, I can't think of a better way to keep the peace than to wake up feeling as good as I did today. I mean it even helped me change my narrow view of Chris rocks possibilities.   Isn't that what spirituality is supposed to do? And, I'm so friggin hungry from all the action i could eat a pound of fish.