Alright, it's 7:26pm est and i just took a break from working on my show, (which is going up again WEDS APRIL 9th check calendar)  and remembered that Oprah had the pregnant guy on the show today and i missed it. Then i remembered they replay it on channel 55. So, I'm watching and thinking and cringing and thinking and watching ........... The thing that kills the most is he can't believe that people are not completly accepting of it. INCREDIBLE.............................................. the first man to ever be pregnant and he can't believe that people are freaked out.  People just slay me. Fine, if you want to grow your clitoris into a penis and then have baby but give me a break. Don't expect everyone to embrace your decision with open arms.  I understand that they are people and as humans i care for them but this such provocative move and to expect people to just love them unconditionally it insane. The first rule of being a mommy is you have to stop being the baby to be the mommy. And by being the mommy you realize that the world does not embrace you unconditionally even if you have a baby the good ol fashion way. AND! AND! AND!! you're on Oprah and the cover of People so you're looking to provoke something.................. Whenever you put yourself out there you set yourself up for judgement. So please don't insult my intelligence by playing the victim.The woman has two grown girls from another marriage and they're like "we respect and love them blah blah blah", maybe they do, but c'mon where's the "it's so hard to deal with the stares and the gossip but we love them so much we're will to go through" or "what the f*uck are we supposed to do you can't pick you're family.?" The hardest thing in the world to do is to have two opposing emotions. It takes a while to adjust to anything new and I find it condescending for them to act like we're the problem when they are projecting a false reality. They're acting like they don't see pregnancy as a indentifying issue but as a process.. do you know how spiritually evolved you would have to be to really own that?  Plus, plus, his Dad always wanted a boy and his mom had some tragedy. Don't project all you're chilhood issues on us and expect us to be the family you never had. I would have so much more respect if they owned it and said "yeah we know it's different but we're excited that we're different, and capable of doing such an amazing thing so bring it." If you don't fit into a box make your own box I'm all for it, but by all means please don't make that box an incubator.