Jesus that’s a tough one. That’s seems to be the key to happiness. The key to freedom. Accepting my own humanity has been the only relief I ever get. As I continue on my journey down this road called life. I am beginning to realize that the only and I really mean the only, time that I am in emotional pain is when my ego takes over.

I was talking to my friend last night about how fascinated I am that most of life is really created by our thoughts.

I have a band on my arm that says" our lives are what our thoughts create."

I got it in a gift bag from a party I went to at Fred Segal in LA. If that’s not ironic I don’t now what is.

My point is that I hadn’t worn it in a while because I didn’t completely get it. But for some reason lately, it’s sinking in. Maybe it’s because I have more courage now ,to slow down, feel my feelings and witness my thoughts.

I was saying to friend that I cant’ believe how much of what goes on in life is just feelings, and how if they aren’t felt, they manifest on the outside.

She said she had never really thought about it, but now that I mentioned it, yes it makes sense.

Think about people who thrive in chaos.  It’s because they are not feeling their feeling they are dumping them on everyone else.

They think it’s a relief ,but it’s not ,maybe in the first second you feel better, but in reality you are creating your own hell.

As I am writing this it makes me think about the earth. How we have been lazy and just dumped everything wherever we wanted to and now it’s tuning back on us and if we don’t start paying attention, do our part  to come together, the global warming will literally turn us into a huge fire ball.