Friday night I was on the train and there was a woman sitting behind me with her two kids. A boy around 2 and a little girl 4. They were a little rambunctious and I could tell the mother was tired.

I went over and began talking to the little girl so the Mom could focus on the boy.

I was listening to my Ipod and the little girl wanted to listen as well. Her mom was nervous that she was bothering me.

I told her "not at all" and put one of the ear plugs in her ear.

I put on Miley Cyrus'  the climb and she loved it, as do I.  We began singing it at the top of our lungs.

She was smiling and laughing hysterically.  I hadn't noticed her shirt beforehand, but I looked down at that moment and saw that it read HAPPY.

When we were almost to the station, she asked me if I would hold her hand when we were getting off the train. Of course I said yes.

As we were leaving the train, she asked if I would carry her, of course I said yes.

When it was time to part ways she blew me huge kisses and I blew her huge kisses as well.

As I walking away, I stopped for a minute and felt my body. That little exchange brought me so much joy. This little girl helped me to bring out the little girl in me.

In the past, I would have been too embarrassed to sing with her. I would be afraid that people would think I was weird.

Then the ricochet affect would happen.

I would tell her to  "shhh" because of my own inhibitions and fear of what others might think and I would squelch her little girl then she would not act like that again and prob grow up and do the same to her kid.

But that didn't happened and I bet you a dollar that if I had done that, she wouldn't have asked me to carry her and blow kisses to me when i was leaving.

Hence, I would not have had the great feelings inside me.