Ahahahhahahhahaa it's brings me great pleasure to report to you the happenings of the past couple of days. For those of you who have seen my one woman show, you know about the fat therapist that abused me. Well just like what happened with Candice Bergen, God gave me another opportunity to set the record straight.

Fri i was shopping for gefilte fish for my little old Lady friend and I asked someone where the check out was.

And low and behold it was the therapist. She lit up and was like "Hi Sue!" how are you, do you live around here?"  I was like "no and I'm excellent and you lost weight, and, I really wish you didn't abuse me when I was your patient.'

To which she responded 1, she then turned and ran into the bagel rack..2 she said " the checkout counter is over there", and when i didn't move,  3. She said, "I don't think we should talk about this here you should call me or come into my office."

To which I responded, "no I want to talk about this here" and she ran away.

God ! I had so many feelings, the strongest of which was "I WAS RIGHT!!" Oh oh and I left out the most important part. She had something on her that looked like a stethoscope sticking out of her.

When I got home an googled her to find an  email address for her I found out that the way she lost weight was she had some surgery that put a clamp on her stomach so she can control her food intake.

I sent her an email letting her know that I didn't appreciate her running into the bagel rack and I especially don't like that as soon as I told her she abused she invited me back into her office.

You see she wanted me to go back in the dark so she could manipulate me.

She responded with some lame email about how surviving her  is a testament to my talent and inner strength.

OH oh oh and she wrote I'm happy to hear you are doing "excellent."  In quotes no less, she may not be heavy but she is still aggressive and angry.

I never used to have the strength to stick up to these people, because they would puff up and scare me. But now I know that they only puff up to scare you when they are covering   for their bad behavior.

I mean I paid the woman over $100,000 you would think maybe just a little gentleness would be nice.

But then again I'm talking about a woman who instead of changing attached a  pump to her stomach to control her food intake.

more on this later........