Obama part deux: Okay i have so much to say i hope it makes sense. I'm going to break it down. What i was trying to say yesterday was that I think Obama  should just apologize: He should not try to defend what he was "trying to say" and he should apologize for what he said. "Your actions are so loud I can't hear what you're saying." And if he really wants to touch them where they cling then he should repent, he should realize his humanity and show it to all. Even if he didn't mean what he said, deal with the reality of what went on, he forgot where he came form for a second. If he admits his humanity they will feel respected and forgive him, then he takes the power from Clinton. You see, people can only get you when you havea wound to attack a weakness that they can exploit. In my humble opinion if he really isn't an elitist the way to be with the people is to act like one.  He should break the tension by respecting how much it bothered them. Its only the ego that blocks someone from being able to see another.  And how many people have we seen take themselves down because of their own ego. All everybody in this world wants is to be seen, heard and respected. Think about how this takes affect in personal relationships. This reminds me of my favorite episode of Sex and the city. Carrie had just moved in with Aidan  and she  came home from work freaking out, she yelled (i paraphrase) I can't take it,. your always here i need some space when i come home from work. I need at least an hour by myself. He looked up from his book and said "o.k" and she went into her little bedroom pulled the curtains closed and lied on the bed for a about two minutes. Then she came out and sat in his lap. All she needed to know was that he saw her. And, and, and, my favorite story of all time is , my friend had gone out with this guy  for years and he always wanted to get married and she was too scared. As she approached 40 she thought she should get married so they did. On their wedding night she was freaking out (I paraphrase) "i can't wear this ring it's making me feel trapped!" and her fiance said "put it in your pocket.' I LOVE IT he didn't say "how could you do this on our wedding night?" He knew it was her fear, he didn't make it about him. It is the responsibility of the person in power to lead by example.The emotions behind what Obama said and the emotions of the white working class in Philly definitely clashed and if he wants to be a leader,and he needs them in order to accomplish that, he should show them some respect. He should follow the words of the great Dr. King. "If there are five steps between you and another you should take 3."